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A press conference hold in the Senate of Czech Republic opened the season for Michal Matejovsky.



A month before the first FIA ETCC race weekend a press conference took place in the Senate of the Czech Republic attended from Senator prof. MUDr. Jaroslav Maly CSc, Ing. Josef Krenek and the spokesman from the Brno Circuit Jiri Smetana.

"It will be my third season in the FIA European Touring Car Championship ETCC and I want to try to build on my results from last season and maybe even improve. Over the winter I lost 8 kg, fitness is very important and I am perfectly prepared," opened Michal Matejovsky.
Senator prof. MUDr. Jaroslav Maly CSc: "In the Senate of the Czech Republic press conferences are on the daily agenda but press conferences of athletes are very rare and Michal is the first motoring athlete. I've known him for a while, it is an major athlete who faces an important season. I am glad that Michal starts not only for him self but also for a whole country. I support him not only for his sporting achievements but also because of his role model function behaviour on public roads."
"Michal is a young and talented driver who is always very well prepared. As for the car, we have tried to adapt to the rules and made further developments on the chassis weight. We are a small team and to be able to start in the ETCC makes us very proud, therefore we made the decision to start in the colours of the Czech Republic" told us team owner and manager Ing. Josef Krenek.
After a one-year break, the FIA ETCC returns to Brno: "European touring car races are part of Brno since the sixties. For the fans, it's a matter of passion, and especially if Czech drivers are competing for the best places. I'm sure that more spectators will attend the race weekend, "said the spokesman of the Brno Automotodrom Jiri Smetana.

The Auto GP and BOSS GP with ex Formula 1 cars will support the FIA ETCC weekend. For Michal Matejovsky this race is very important: "I am very happy to start in Brno and to drive for Czech fans. I would also like to thank all our partners, sponsors and the whole team, without their help I could not fight for the title of the FIA ETCC, "ended Michal Matejovsky.