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Despite Fulin won the last race of this year’s FIA ETCC, it was not enough for overall victory.




Despite Fulin won the last race of this year’s FIA ETCC, it was not enough for overall victory. The title was decided by the number of second places, since Petr Fulin and Kris Richard were equal on points and wins after the last race of the Imola race weekend.

Race two of the Imola race weekend was won by Petr Fulin before Kris Richard and Aku Pellinen. After the last race, Fulin and Richard both had 109 points. Both had the same number of wins as well – five. The championship of the 2016 season was determined by the amount of second places, which was in favour of the Swiss driver by the ratio 3:2. Richard scored this crucial second place, after his teammate Pellinen did led him pass for second place in the last lap ahead of the rivazza corner. Petr Fulins teammate finished the final race on ninth place after having a slow start and suffering under a drive-through penalty.

The great drama of this final weekend begun in the first Imola race, where Fulin and Schreiber took fourth and fifth place. Another big performance did display Tomas Koreny. He could finish his first ETCC season with a second and third place and took fourth place in the S1600 overall championship.

“I just start to realize how little was missing. Two thousandths of a second in qualifying, one better position, one point...but as it is known, not the target, the path to it is important. During the season, we were have been wronged in some cases, we were unlucky but we always fought back. On the other hand, we often helped our opponents, whether it was a loan of spare parts or an advice on something. We always behaved like true sportsman. Today we submitted one of our best performances but unfortunately it was not enough. A huge thank goes to our whole team and all our partners.! To our competitors who won the title I would like to congratulate very much, but I am afraid, there may be some negative effects, because of their disrespect to sporting values, who could reflect negatively on our sport,” said team manager, Mr. Josef Krenek.

Words of the drivers:

Petr Fulin: “What can I say. This season has been very challenging since the race in Slovakia where we were black-flagged to some diffuser issues. After that came the controversial penalty in Portugal. I am of course happy for the win today but on the other hand frustrated of loosing the title. Imola has always been great fun for me and I enjoy the track very much. I want to thank Krenek Motorsport. Each member of the team as done the maximum possible and I really appreciate it. Without these people and all our partners, we could never have gone as far as we did. Although we did not win the title, we have shown again, that we belong to the leading European top.”

Christjohannes Schreiber: “For the slow start I am sorry. After that I managed to recover and could overtake a few opponents. For me this season was a big learning process and I am looking forward to start a fresh new season!”

Tomas Koreny: “I had a perfect start for the race. I started from second position and was going for first. Unfortunately I drove over some wet track and nearly lost the car. Eventually it was good enough for third place, but I think more was possible. Also in the second race I had a great start. I took first position and stayed there till Niklas overtook me just when the saftey-car came out. I believe it was not exactly the cleanest manoeuvre, but he got away with it, so nothing can be done. I have a feeling that a better result was possible, so I leave Imola with mixed feelings.”