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FIA ETCC: Fulín clinches TC2 title




 Petr Fulín won the title in the TC2 class for the second year in a row at the final round of the FIA European Touring Car Cup (ETCC) in Pergusa. He closed the season with another brace of wins in his class at the wheel of his BMW 320si. He also finished third overall to claim a place on the podium in both of Sunday’s races. His team-mate at Krenek Motorsport, Michal Matĕjovský, came home second in both races as well as in the championship. Mato Homola, who competes in a BMW 320 TC in the TC2T class, was second in both races to secure victory in the daily standings. 

Three questions for… Petr Fulín.
You drive a car with a special history as WTCC champion. What do you think about the BMW 320si?
Petr Fulín: “My white BMW 320si is like a fourth child or second wife to me. It’s a pleasure to drive, I really enjoy every single lap on the track, where we become one single unit. It seems like BMW made the car for me. It’s a shame that the current motorsport prefers turbocharged engines.”
Why do you drive in the ETCC?
Fulín: “In 2011, after a few years in single-brand cups, I felt I needed a change. I had two options – move to GT racing or find a series, where I can race with a touring car. The reason why I didn’t choose GT racing was quite simple – I don’t like to share the car with another driver, I prefer to race for myself. I like to adapt the car to my driving style and can’t imagine changing the seat position, for example. Moreover, ETCC is very close to WTCC where I actually had planned to start.“ 
Can you tell me something about the history of Krenek Motorsport?
Fulín: “Josef Krenek subordinates everything to motorsport. He sacrifices a lot of family time, like me, and does a lot for motorsport in the Czech Republic. His team educates young talented drivers, even looking for them throughout their career in the Formula Star competition. He is a promoter of the ESET V4 Cup, which is gaining popularity not only in our country but also in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria. In addition to the ETCC his team participates in single-seater and endurance series. We have an excellent relationship and we both like new challenges. It’s a pleasure to be successful together and see that the spent energy pays off.”