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 Drivers had to cope with a drying tarmac, following a shower that hit the track in the early morning. 

As a consequence, lap times improved at a frantic pace and a number of competitors made mistakes and visited the gravel traps, especially after changing to slick tyres.
Nikolay Karamyshev set the fastest lap overall (2:15.195) in the Campos Racing Chevrolet Curze of the TC2T class; the Russian beat Franz Engstler (2:16.562) and his own team-mate Igor Skuz (2:17.110).

In the TC2 class Michal Matějovký’s Krenek Motorsport BMW 320si posted the best time (2:18.023), with Christian Fischer second (2:19.414). Peter Rikli, Plamen Kralev and Norbert Nagy had brief spells in the lead.

The Single-Make Trophy was eventually led by Aku Pellinen (2:19.444) after Andreas Pfister, Dmitry Bragin and Sergej Ryabov took turn as provisional leaders.
In the Super 1600 class, Gilles Bruckner topped the classification (1:33.624), being five seconds faster than Christian Kranenberg.

The gravel trap at Turn 6 claimed most of the ‘victims’, with Kralev, Grachev, Kraneneber and Ksenya Niks who got stuck there before rejoining. Later Kralev visited the gravel at T13 as well, while Rikli went off at T9 and Mikhail Maleev at T10.