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No luck for Krenek Motorsport drivers



This weekends FIA ETCC races were held in front of the enthusiastic Portuguese crowd in Vila Real. The two races brought the Krenek Motorsport drivers joy but also worries.

Petr Fulin managed to snatch second place in race one after a great performance. In the second race Petr Fulin was penalized for a contact with Peter Rikli after fighting again for podium. After slowing down in to the pits for his drive trough penalty he crossed the finish line in sixth position.
“On this track it was obvious that the older generation of the SEAT with the DSG gearbox had an advantage. The cars fitted with the DSG gearbox could run thight corners smoother and gaining precious time, than we did with the sequential gearbox”, explained Petr Fulin.

Christjohannes Schreiber couldn’t convert his fast pace into valuable points because he had to stop his car in both races due to a broken driveshaft. As a result he was not able to build on his podium from the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Making his debut in the S1600 series, junior driver Tomas Koreny made an excellent result finishing third in race one. Korenys third position in class meant eight place overall. As a result he started race two from pole position. After making contact with another opponent, he suffered damage and the race was over.

“As I expected, the race today was very turbulent. The team today made an excellent job but the things didn’t turn out in our favour. In the tight chicanes, where first gear is used, the driveshaft on the car of Christjohannes resigned in both races. It was a shame because Christjohannes was on third position in race two, when the driveshaft stopped him, coming from last position because of not finishing race one. Petr Fulins axels held in both races, allowing him to grab second position in race one. Petr was also in race two heading for a podium finish but was set back by the controversial penalty after the incident with Peter Rikli.
Finally, I would like to highlight the fantastic Portuguese audience. To witness such an enthusiasm for motorsport was very special for me and the team”, said Mr. Josef Krenek after the turbulent weekend.

After the Portuguese race weekend Petr Fulin and Kris Richard are both sharing place one in the overall drivers championship with each 72 points. Christjohannes Schreiber is with 24 points in seventh place. Next round will take place from 8 to 10 July in Magny Cours France.

Words from the riders:

Petr Fulin: “Todays decision form the stewards was very unfair. The contact with Rikli was not serious and just a normal racing incident. I think that the commissioners would be better advised, to wait with the verdict until the end of the race, after talking to all the people involved. However it happened, and I can not change it. Till the end of the season, four races remain. Since Kris Richard has the same number of points, it will start from scratch in France.”

Christjohannes Schreiber: “I don’t know what to say. The weekend was very disappointing for me. I damaged my suspension in both races and lost a big chance to score points, but in France I will fight back.”

Tomas Koreny: “In race one I was to cautious at the start. From there it was nearly impossible to overtake. In the second race Hilgenhövel hit me with his Peugeot and made me spin. After this incident I hade to retire.”

Results 1st race: 

1st Manuel Fernandes (POR) SEAT Leon Cup Racer
2. Petr Fulin (CZE) SEAT Leon Cup Racer + 3.710
3rd Peter Rikli (SUI) 8929 Honda Civic +
4th Lalušić Mladen (SRB) SEAT Leon Cup Racer + 16395
5th Kris Richard (SUI) Honda Civic + 17254

Result 2st race:

Results of the 2nd race
1st Kris Richard (SUI) Honda Civic
2nd Manuel Fernandes (POR) SEAT Leon Cup Racer + 0.371
3rd Norbert Nagy (HUN) SEAT Leon Cup Racer + 9277
4th Fábio Mota (POR) SEAT Leon Cup Racer + 9777
5th Lalušić Mladen (SRB) SEAT Leon Cup Racer + 24732
6th Petr Fulin (CZE) SEAT Leon Cup Racer + 25182