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P2 & P3 for Krenek Motorsport drivers in Austria





New win for Nikolay Karamyshev, who dominated Race 2 from lap 2 after a very short leadership of Vesnić, who got immediately sanctioned with a drive-through for jumping the start. 

The Russian then had the race under control, although he could never get rid of Mat’o Homola, always in his tail. The third spot in TC2T was for Aytaç Biter ahead of Igor Skuz, who climbed through the field after starting from the pits.
In TC2, success for Christian Fischer who passed Michal Matějovský in lap 1, the latter was later demoted to third by his team-mate Petr Fulín.
In the SMT class, there was again a very close fight between Aku Pellinen and Andreas Pfister, with the Finn keeping the advantage and Sergey Ryabov finishing third.
In S1600, Luxembourg’s Gilles Bruckner completed his successful weekend with a second win, keeping Ulrike Krafft and Christian Kranenberg at bay.

Key moments
Grid – Skuz starts from the pits after repairs. Vesnić has pole on the top-eight reverse grid.
Start – Vesnić takes the best start ahead of Fulín, Fischer, Homola, Matějovský and Önder, but Vesnić gets a drive-through for jumping the start.
Lap 1 – Fischer passes Fulín for second in turn 13.
Lap 2 – Charging fiercely, Karamyshev climbs to second. Vesnić serves the drive-through. Same sanction imposed on Kralev also for jump start.
Lap 3 – Both Karamyshev (now in the lead) and Homola pass Fischer.
Lap 6 – Jost (4th in SMT) pits with a puncture. Homola runs wide at turn 13, while Nikolaev goes out in the gravel at turn 11.
Lap 7 – Skuz is fourth in TC2T and 11th overall.
Lap 9 – Fulín passes Matějovský for second in TC2.
Lap 12 – Great fight between Pellinen and Pfister for victory in SMT, but positions don’t change. Last show for Maleev who spins entering the straight to avoid another car and crosses the line almost backwards.


Relegated to last row by a post-qualifying sanction, Nikolay Karamyshev shone in Race 1, charging up through the field and taking a brilliant win. 

This was slightly facilitated by the incident on lap 8 that eliminated his team-mate and race leader Igor Skuz, who collided with the Fiesta of Ulrike Krafft that was leading the Super 1600.
Mat’o Homola finished second, very close to Karamysdhev, with Aytaç Biter taking third in both the overall and TC2T class.
In TC2, Michal Matějovský won ahead of Christian Fischer and Petr Fulín, while Aku Pellinen dominated the Single-Make Trophy ahead of Andreas Pfister and Sergey Ryabov after the early leader Dmitry Bragin went off and crashed on the first lap.
The successful trend of Ulrike Krafft in S1600 ended today, as the German girl was involved in the incident with Karamyshev, with Gilles Bruckner inheriting his first class win.

Key moments
Start – Skuz takes the best start ahead of Homola, Biter and Fulín. Karamyshev starting from the back climbs to 15th
Lap 1 – Bragin, who is leading the SMT, runs wide at turn 13 and hits the Armco but continues.
Lap 3 – Matějovský takes the lead in TC2
Lap 4 – Karamyshev is already 5th.
Lap 5 – Fulín attacks Vesnić for 2nd in TC2, while Karamyshev passes Biter for third overall
Lap 6 – Great fight for third in SMT between Maleev, Ryabov, Jost and Nikolaev. Fulín passes Vesnić for third in TC2.
Lap 8 – Skuz cannot avoid the slower car of Krafft in turn 9 and collides with the Fiesta, with both cars out of the race.
Lap 9 – Karamyshev takes the lead from Homola
Lap 12 – Karamyshev wins with very low margin on Homola, with Matějovský, Pellinen and Bruckner taking the success in the other classes.


It was a breathtaking qualifying session, with a number of lead changes and close gaps separating the top drivers of each class. 

The session was red-flagged twice. A first time after twelve minutes, in order to remove debris from the track at Turn 9. And then again, with less than four minutes left, when Andrina Gugger’s car stalled on the track due to a mechanical problem.
Campos Racing team-mates Nikolay Karamyshev and Igor Skuz swapped positions on top of the time sheet; eventually the former improved to 1:27.187 on his last lap after the second red flag, demoting Skuz (1:27.875) to second place.

In the TC2 class Petr Fulín, Michal Matějovský and Christian Fischer set provisional poles; Fulín (1:29.514) and Matějovský (1:29.534) were able to improve further, with the former claiming pole position with a margin of only twenty thousandths over his team-mate.

A slim gap separated the first two drivers in the Single-Make Trophy as well; Aku Pellinen set the fastest lap early in the session (1:30.529), but Dmitry Bragin was able to close in on the Finn towards the end. Eventually the Russian’s best lap of 1:30.617 was only 0.088 seconds slower than Pellinen’s.

In the Super 1600 Gilles Bruckner took command of qualifying in the early stages, improving to 1:41.088. However, Ulrike Krafft managed to beat him once again with a last lap of 1:40.681 that was worth her third pole out of three qualifying sessions.