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Petr Fulín sets pole




 Campos Racing’s Nikolay Karamyshev dominated the qualifying session a won pole position for the TC2T class in his Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T. 

After Mat’o Homola had posted a provisional best time of 2:35.795, the Russian driver piled up an impressive series of faster laps improving to 2:35.382, 2:34.155 and eventually to 2:34.152. His team mate Igor Skuz jumped to second for a while (2:35.708) but was demoted to third by Homola’s last lap of 2:34.741.

In the TC2 class Samuel Sládecka (2:37.116) led the time sheet for most of the time. However Petr Fulín managed to complete a lap in 2:36.867 that was good enough for the pole. Christian Fischer (2:37.901) ranked third in the class.

With a very quick first lap of 2:39.718, Dmitry Bragin claimed pole position in the Single-Make Trophy. In vain Andreas Pfister tried to improve this mark and eventually had to settle in second position (2:39.983) ahead of Sergey Ryabov (1:40.122).

In the Super 1600 nobody was able to threaten Ulrike Krafft’s supremacy. The German girl posted the class’ fastest lap of 2:56.326 on her second timed lap and annihilated the other competitors who cannot get closer than 1.5 seconds.

Gilles Bruckner (2:58.045) and Ben Lintgen (2:59.103) were classified second and third respectively, but by the end of the session Krafft improved further twice to 2:56.299 and 2:56.227.