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1a.jpgPetr Fulín and his Super 2000 BMW 320si won the first of today’s two FIA European Touring Car Cup races at the Slovakia Ring, ahead of the similar car of Mat’o Homola.

Third, and the winner of the Single-Make Trophy category was the SEAT León Supercopa of Andreas Pfister, while the winner of Super 1600 was Kevin Krammes in a Ford Fiesta.

A total of four laps were completed behind the Safety Car after an incident on the opening lap saw no fewer than six cars in the gravel at Turn 1. Once the Safety Car was withdrawn, Fulín drove an untroubled race to take a lights-to-flag victory. Behind the Krenek Motorsport car, there were battles for second place between Pfister and Homola and for ninth between Diego Romanini, Mario Dablander and Igor Skuz, with Skuz eventually claiming ninth place. Despite starting from the back of the grid, Fulín’s teammate Michal Matĕjovský carved his way through the field to finish fourth.

Key moments
Lap 1 – Contact between a number of cars at Turn 1 saw Rikli, Comte, Borković, Ladygin, Ficza and Biter all stopped in the gravel. Safety car deployed, with Fulín leading from Pfister and Oriola. Matĕjovský up to 8th
Lap 5 – Race resumed; contact between Hamilton and Maleev saw them stopped in the gravel at T6. Matĕjovský up to 7th
Lap 6 – Homola passed Oriola for 3rd at T1. Matĕjovský passed Nagy and Karamyshev for 5th.
Lap 7 – Skuz passed Dablander for 10th, but Dablander then re-took the place. Dablander and Skuz then both passed Romanini for 9th and 10th
Lap 8 – Skuz passed Dablander for 9th
Lap 9 – Matĕjovský passed Oriola for 4th. Homola passed Pfister for 2nd.
Lap 11 – Fulín took the win with Homola holding off a determined Pfister for 2nd