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Who will carry the ETCC weight at Brno?




FIA European Touring Car Cup title chasers Davit Kajaia, Michal Matĕjovský, Niklas Mackschin and Dušan Borković will be among those drivers carrying maximum success ballast at Brno this weekend in accordance with the ETCC sporting regulations.

Kajaia and fellow TC2T class contenders Ümit Ülkü and Aytaç Biter will all carry 50 kilograms of additional weight in their BMWs at the challenging Czech Republic venue with Matĕjovský (BMW) and fellow TC2 contender Peter Rikli (Honda) penalised by an identical amount.

Mackschin and Ulrike Krafft will have an additional 25 kilograms added to their Ford Fiestas, while Borković, Petr Fulín and Andreas Pfister will run with 50 kilograms of success ballast in their Single Make Trophy-chasing SEATs.

The ETCC operates a success ballast system in an effort to equalise on-track performance. While all TC2T, TC2 and SMT drivers receive a 1kg weight penalty for each point scored or 2kg for every two points scored in the case of drivers competing in the Super 1600 division, the maximum ballast applied shall not exceed 50kgs for TC2T, TC2 and SMT racers or 25kg for S1600 contenders.

Brno hosts rounds seven and eight of the 12-event ETCC season from 5-6 September.

Click here to view to full success ballast amounts for ETCC Brno.