Václav Nimč jr. twice on the podium to confirm the 2nd place overall

The Křenek Motorsport driver Václav Nimč jr. managed to finish 3rd twice during the final ESET MMSR event at Automotodrom Brno.

Nimč, who is racing with Audi RS3 TCR this year, went to Brno with only one target in his mind – to confirm his win from Slovakia Ring that he took following a huge battle with a Serbian legend Milovan Vesnič.

And it was no different at Brno. Actually, even another driver joined the battle – Jakub Wyszomirski with Honda. They all fought hard for every inch of the track and showed how in which way the Touring Car racing is heading. Nimč finished 3rd in both races which was enough for him to confirm his 2nd place overall in the ESET TCR category.

The team junior Matěj Korený was joined by a new teammate for the final two races of Twingo Cup series – a racing journalist Keijo Keke Platzer from Austria.

Platzer might not be an experienced driver, but he showed his speed. On Saturday, he finished 5th in a tight competitive field of 16 drivers. And then he got even one place better on Sunday.
Matěj Korený finished 8th on Saturday, despite a very promising first half of the race followed by a little mistake. On Sunday, he then became a victim of an incident and he had to retire after only 7 laps. He was classified on 13th place.

Over the 10-race season, Korený has managed to get 48 points which put him in 8th position in the final standings in a competition of 27 drivers in total. But he also became the best rookie of the season, winning the Junior category.

Apart from that, the team also worked together with LM Engineering on Audi R8 GT4 entry for Petr Fulín and a German driver Stefan Wieninger.
Wieninger raced on Saturday and finished 20th while setting his fastest lap 2:14.711. In the Endurance race, he shared the car with Petr Fulín and together they managed to finish 3rd in the GT3 Trophy category.

The team owner Josef Křenek had more to say about this: “We’ve been working together with LMS Engineering for a while now and to have a shared entry with Audi R8 GT4 was a great opportunity. We want to prepare for the upcoming 12 hours Creventic race at Spa and also to debut this car in this region. And to finish 3rd made us really happy.”

“All the drivers and the whole team did very well and a big thanks goes to them all. I’d like to congratulate Václav on finishing 2nd in the TCR championship. It’s amazing how quickly he got used to the car and his times at Slovakia Ring and Brno were excellent.”

“Matěj belongs to the youngest guys on the grid and he’s already racing in the biggest and the most competitive field – in the Twingo Cup. To finish 8th out of 27 drivers is a great result and he deserves the Junior Champion title. We, with Keke, wanted to race in Octavia Cup last year and I’m glad that it worked out for this season, though it was ‘just’ the Twingo Cup. Keke really showed his qualities and on Sunday he had a real chance to finish on the podium. A journalist who finished 4th, that’s amazing!”

What the drivers said:

Václav Nimč / AUDI RS3 LMS: “This weekend wasn’t really good for us. I was losing a couple of tenths and had some issues in both races. In the first one, I had to start from the pit lane, because I accidentally switched on the fire extinguisher system and we couldn’t clean the car in time before the pit lane was closed. On the other hand, we at least avoided that big crash in the turn one. And we had a perfectly clean car interior! I was hoping for a better race two. The qualifying showed quite a promising progress, as I was only two tenths behind the pole position. Unfortunately, I made an error in the lap 2, damaged my steering and then I was losing some time every lap. But I’d like to thank the whole team for preparing the car and to my family and friends for the support.”

Matěj Korený / Renault Twingo: “I’ve really enjoyed the weekend. I personally like the Brno circuit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t participate in the Thursday practice sessions because of the school. As always, I struggled in both qualifying sessions. At the beginning of the first race, I managed to stay with the leading group. However, after some battling I fell behind and from that point, I could only focus on defending my position. In the second race, I was fighting for the 5th place despite having a bad first half of the race. Unfortunately, one of my competitors was too long on the brakes and hit me, as I was right in front of him. After that, I had to retire because of his bad mistake, which is a big shame.”

Keke Keijo Platzer / Renault Twingo: “It was a big opportunity. I’m a car journalist and this kind of racing experience is very important for me and my job. To be a part of the Twingo Cup family for the weekend, that was really special and once again, it has changed my view on racing. To finish in the Top 5 twice, that’s a nice bonus. While the racing Twingo might not be the fastest car, it’s good fun with a rear-wheel drive. And to be racing with 16 other cars, well you don’t have that much space around you! There was plenty of contacts and I really liked that.”