Clio Cup Champion Martin Kadlečík prepares for TCR Debut

Martin Kadlečík is making an important move in his career, as he has stepped up from the Clio Cup to the much faster second generation of Audi TCR RS3 car in the TCR Eastern Europe championship. He will join the Czech team, Aditis Racing, in the opening round of the season at Balaton Park.

Martin Kadlečík’s path from autocross to TCR was really fast. After one season in the Twingo Cup, he moved to the Clio Cup, where he dominated the Clio Cup Trophy category, winning all the races last season. Now, in his third season of circuit racing, he is moving to TCR. He also successfully represented the Czech Republic in the FIA Motorsport Games in 2022, where he battled for a win in the e-sports category.

The original plan for this season was to remain in the Clio Cup and defend the title with his Clio IV car. But in recent days, an opportunity arose thanks to the support of ESET Race Star and Mr. Josef Křenek.

“The preparation for the season went smoothly, and we intended to continue for another year with the Renault Clio Cup IV. However, Mr. Křenek approached us at the beginning of April with a very attractive offer to try the TCR car with the Aditis Racing team at the first race in Balaton Park. I am very grateful to Mr. Křenek for this offer and appreciate it greatly. We managed to secure the necessary funds for the weekend in Balaton, and I can’t wait to make my debut with the Aditis team, which is very experienced and will definitely help in the development of my driving career,” says Martin Kadlečík.

“Within the Race Star program, we have always had talented drivers on our team who scored points and won in the championship,” says team owner Radim Adámek. “Martin is no exception, and his victory in the Clio Cup proves it. I believe that his transition from the Clio to the second-generation Audi will go smoothly, and that he will feel comfortable in our Aditis Racing team. The start at Balaton will certainly be a challenge for Martin, as everything will be new: the car, the track, the competition, and also the team collaboration, which we are all looking forward to.”

Martin Kadlečík is a fast learner, but the challenge at Balaton Park will be significant. He will drive the Audi for the first time during the race weekend, so with no testing before the season, the debut will be more about learning than competing for the best results.

“I have no expectations and it will be more about getting used to the car and gradually speeding up. Moreover, Balaton Park is new to me, as it is for most drivers, so it will be a great challenge for me in combination with the fast and experienced drivers in the TCR category,” added Kadlečík.